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by Darragh Hayden from Secret Voices

Godless thoughts blind me

Slipping in and out of this cell

Lifeless creatures still manage to breathe

Daemons surround me – I worship

Lies told to me with bleak honesty

Do you believe in nature?


Passion fails and hides away.

I resort to a motionless thief,

Love – a new life beckons me around every corner,

There’s too many corners, too many cheats.

Images of God destroy me.

Something went wrong inside

They’re laughing, I’M screaming

With blood, I spit.


Nobody’s talking, no – one dares

Nobody’s listening, no – one cares.

Insults. Wisdom. Ignorance. Joy.

It won’t stop, it doesn’t care.

Something has gone wrong.

Wakeup manhood, nature’s changing

And she can’t wait

Darragh Hayden Secret Voices

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