Anatomy of a circle no.0223

Year : 2023

Medium : Acrylic

When I'm painting, circles are like the trusty old friends in my toolbox of shapes. A circle has this universal language, speaking of endlessness and life's cycles. It's symmetry personified, bringing a sense of balance and harmony to the canvas. This simple shape, in its understated elegance, breathes unity and completeness into my art.

But a canvas is like a party, and a circle is just one of the guests. Lines come in like smooth talkers, their path and direction creating narrative and flow. Triangles add tension and drama, their sharp edges breaking the monotony and catching the viewer's eye. And then there's form, which is how I give the whole scene a sense of depth and structure. The interaction between these elements, their sizes, positions, and colors, sets the mood and tells a story.

The color palette is like the music playing in the background. Soft pastels might give a soothing, calm feeling, while bold, vibrant colors turn up the intensity. Each color interacts with the shapes, influencing how they're perceived and the emotions they evoke.

The beauty of working with abstract and geometric art is that it's not just about what you see. It's about translating thoughts and emotions into a visual language. When you see a circle, a line, or a triangle in my work, remember they're more than just shapes. They're my invitation to view the world through my lens, colored by my experiences and emotions.