Anatomy of a circle no.0123

Year : 2023

Medium : Acrylic

As an artist working in abstract and geometric art, shapes like circles, lines, and triangles are fundamental building blocks in my repertoire. The circle, with its infinite loop, suggests a sense of eternity, balance, and unity. Its unbroken, symmetrical form serves as a perfect counterpoint to the sharp angles of triangles or the linear simplicity of lines.

When I position these shapes on my canvas, it's like orchestrating a visual symphony. A circle could be a bold, color-saturated centerpiece, or a subtly tinted whisper at the edge. Triangles might point the eye towards significant elements or create dynamic tension. Lines can flow smoothly to bring harmony or dash erratically to introduce dissonance. The interplay of these shapes, their size, and placement impacts the story being told, much like characters in a play.

The choice of color palette is yet another layer in this narrative. Whether it's cool blues suggesting tranquility, fiery reds pulsating with energy, or a contrasting monochrome scheme for stark simplicity, colors breathe life into the shapes, enhancing their emotive power. Remember, when you're viewing my work, it's more than just shapes and colors—it's an intricate dance of form, hue, and emotion, an invitation to perceive the world from my perspective.