Pieces of a Monochrome Dream

Year : 2020

Medium : Acrylic and ink pen on acrylic board

Size : 40.6cm X 50.8cm⁠

"Pieces of a Monochrome Dream" is a captivating painting that seamlessly blends the elements of geometric abstraction with a monochromatic color scheme, resulting in a mesmerizing visual experience. The artwork features a harmonious interplay of shapes, lines, and angles, creating a dynamic composition that engages the viewer's imagination. The monochrome palette, dominated by varying shades of black, white, and gray, evokes a sense of mystery and introspection. The carefully balanced forms and meticulous arrangement of geometric elements give the painting a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic.

"Pieces of a Monochrome Dream" invites contemplation and encourages viewers to explore the subtle nuances and hidden depths within its abstracted forms.