What happens if I let you go ?

Year : 2020

Medium : Acrylic and ink pen on acrylic board

Size : 76.2cm X 61cm⁠⁠

"What Happens If I Let You Go?" is a poignant exploration of the human psyche through the lens of geometric art. Executed with the delicate strokes of pencil and the precision of ink pen, the piece navigates the delicate terrain of mental well-being. Geometric forms, meticulously crafted, seem to mirror the complexity of emotions associated with letting go.

The interplay of lines and angles becomes a visual representation of the internal struggle and the intricate pathways of thought. The choice of pencil and ink pen not only adds an artisanal touch but also captures the nuanced shades of our mental states. It's a contemplative journey on canvas, inviting viewers to reflect on the emotional intricacies that unfold when we release something, be it a person, a thought, or an emotion. "What Happens If I Let You Go?" becomes a visual poem, where geometric precision meets the vulnerability of human introspection.