Self 0417

Year : 2017

Medium : Acrylic

Size : 65 x 2 x 90 cm

Self 0417 is a bold and beautiful geometric abstract piece that's all about showcasing our inner selves. Imagine a jigsaw puzzle where each piece is a different shape, each representing a part of who we are - that's what this painting is about. It's a combo of straight lines, sharp angles, and bursts of color that take you on a real deep dive into the self.

It's like a snapshot of the mind, with all the chaos, yet somehow everything fits together. Even though every shape does its own thing, together they create a complete picture, just like us with our mix of feelings, experiences, and traits. "Self 0417" is more than just a painting, it's a journey into what makes us unique, with all the mystery and beauty that comes with it.