Linear progressions on a northern soul

Year : 2020

Medium : Acrylic, pencil and ink pen on acrylic paper

Size : 40.5cm X 50.8cm

"Linear Progressions on a Northern Soul" is a captivating exploration of geometric art, where precision meets poetic expression. This painting navigates the canvas with a deliberate dance of lines, drawing inspiration from the cardinal point of the compass, the North. The geometric forms, meticulously arranged, create a visual narrative that echoes the steadiness of direction, evoking a sense of purpose and progression. The linear patterns serve as both guides and storytellers, leading the viewer on a journey through the canvas.

The infusion of the Northern soul adds an intriguing layer to the composition, suggesting a connection between the mathematical precision of geometry and the emotional depth associated with the cardinal direction. In this artwork, the interplay of line and direction becomes a symbolic compass for the soul, inviting contemplation on personal journeys and the constant pursuit of progress.