Variation 004

Year : 2020

Medium : Acrylic and ink pen on canvas board

Size : 35.6cm X 47.5cm⁠

"Variation 004" stands as a testament to the power and elegance of simplicity. Rooted in the traditions of geometric art, this painting unravels the depths of monochrome, demonstrating how a limited color palette can evoke a range of emotions and insights. Each shape, carefully chosen and meticulously placed, interacts seamlessly with its neighbors, creating a dialogue of lines and forms. The grayscale tones ebb and flow across the canvas, capturing shades of meaning and intensity. The beauty of "Variation 004" lies not just in its aesthetic appeal but also in its ability to challenge the viewer.

It asks one to find vibrancy in the absence of color, to seek emotion in the starkness of black and white, and to discover the myriad of stories that can be told within the confines of geometric precision and monochromatic expression.