Variation 007

Year : 2020

Medium : Acrylic, pencil and ink pen on acrylic paper

Size : 40.5cm X 50.8cm

"Variation 007" is a tapestry of geometric art that  merges precision and artistic intuition. Through the  interplay of intersecting lines and angles, this painting brings forth a symphony of form and structure. Executed with the mediums of acrylic, pencil, and ink pen, the piece exhibits a rich textural depth that enhances its visual impact. Each line and angle seems to have a purpose, a conversation with its neighboring elements, creating a harmonious dance on the canvas.

The choice of mediums adds a tactile quality, with acrylic contributing vibrancy, pencil providing subtlety, and ink pen delivering intricate details. "Variation 007" becomes an exploration of geometry as an art form, where the intersection of line and angle becomes a language, and the chosen mediums serve as the instruments of a visual orchestra.