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Dublin-born artist Darragh Hayden (1970) captivates with his distinct geometric, abstract, and sometimes reductive style.

His unique interpretation of line and form illustrates a profound understanding of spatial dynamics, echoing universal complexity.

Hayden's works are a symphony of geometric abstraction, inviting viewers into a world where all things interconnect.

Darragh Hayden Artist

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If you wish to get in touch with Darragh Hayden, please direct your inquiries to his email address.

Whether you're interested in purchasing an artwork, hosting an exhibition, or simply seeking more information about his work, Darragh welcomes your correspondence.

He values the opportunity to engage with admirers of his art and looks forward to hearing from you.

Email info@darraghhayden.net

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Mail : info@darraghhayden.net

Address : Dublin, Ireland

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